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If you land on this article, I think you already know what [clink id=”21″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] WPML [/clink] And as this WordPress plugin is just great. Indeed, coupled with WooCommerce, it will be possible for you to design a truly multilingual ecommerce site, and providing multiple currencies. The only thing to do to your site works fine with WooCommerce and WPML is to make sure your theme perfectly supports WPML. And they’re pretty good, because our theme day selection WooCommerce you to discover a theme that is 100% compatible with WPML. Chance sometimes things really well;)

[clink id=”21″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] WPML [/clink] I use it for many, many years now. I actually came across this premium plugin as soon as I tried to make multilingual websites with WordPress. It must be said, I have never found a plugin that happens to him in the ankle. And since WooCommerce arrived on the market, and that I must also make multilingual ecommerce sites, [clink id=”21″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] WPML [/clink] it’s even become the best, see the plugin only able to ensure that work, and do it brilliantly. You will certainly understand, for me, nothing beats [clink id=”21″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] WPML [/clink] . If you do not know it yet, which would still rather amazing, do not miss out on this great plugin. It is well worth the trip!

Well, okay, you understand that [clink id=”21″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] WPML [/clink] it’s great, and that WooCommerce theme supports it 100%, but it is not everything that characterizes this theme WooCommerce, far from it! There is one thing in the design of this theme that I did not remember having seen elsewhere. That’s the way it has items on the home page and category pages products. So I find it is not easy to easily describe what it can do. If my description is not very clear, I apologize in advance. And instead go for a ride on the demo version of this theme WooCommerce, everything will be much clearer one shot! So, this theme allows us both to present images produced as a masonry grid mode, and when you click on a category, it will turn back up, as if you had clicked on filter of a portofio. I really find that the effect is very innovative and will allow your store to have a very unusual effect, while being very modern. I tend to be wary of unusual effects because the purpose of an ecommerce site is best not to lose its customers with a way to see things we never see elsewhere. But here, although it was not used to seeing this elsewhere, it remains clear and limpid. I do not think that you risk losing your customers with this type of effect, on the contrary.

I often tend to come WooCommerce compare with Magento, especially in the world of themes. And my previous article will not make me lie 🙂 Again, I think it becomes more and more difficult to know if it is a WooCommerce theme or a Magento theme. And here it is not because this theme is both available for WooCommerce and Magento. No, this theme is pure theme WooCommerce. But that takes away nothing, quite the contrary. It has a look that is not seen elsewhere, while allowing you to benefit from advanced features, specific to ecommerce world as an add button trolley directly into the product category page. I also like that the filters are immediately available at the product search bar. This whole subject is both simple to grip and very innovative. I am sure you will let yourself be convinced by this new theme WooCommerce.

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