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You have decided to embark on the adventure of ecommerce with WordPress and WooCommerce? Congratulations, you just made the best decisions. Moreover, in recent months, you are not alone in having made this decision if one refers to the numbers. At the current time, WooCommerce passed by Magento and PrestaShop. This shows the enthusiasm aroused by this plugin that has not even two years old when I write this, and already has several million downloads to its credit. One of the obvious reasons for its success is the quality of the themes that are available for WooCommerce. Just look at the screenshot of our theme day of selection for WooCommerce realize. Quality, professional, sleek design, customization excessively are all adjectives that would stick perfectly to the theme, nothing at first glance. But if there has another thing that makes WooCommerce knows such a strong success is that it is based on WordPress. That is indeed a striking statement. Either you say, of course it is based on WordPress, since after all, is only a WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, or not understand where I am coming from.

The fact that WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin is not a detail. Indeed, we must not forget that WordPress that turns the whole. And indeed, it can also be accompanied by other plugins and leveraging the opportunities as well as WordPress WooCommerce. And indeed, if I speak to you now, it is not a coincidence because I present today a theme WooCommerce Multilanguage. And how does one multilingual WordPress? By adding a plugin of course! But to make the multilingual with WooCommerce, do not add any plugin. You must install the best multilingual plugin, namely [clink id=”21″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] WPML [/clink] . Well, whether you would agree, there is no world ranking for that WPML is the best. The only ranking which I speak now it is mine, the one I’m over the years and WordPress and WooCommerce projects I have had the opportunity to lead. And to add a layer, know that WooCommerce WPML and work together from the beginning to offer to have a truly multilingual ecommerce website with WooCommerce. Even if you are testing and looking for another solution, I’m not sure that you find really compelling ormie WPML.

But here, although WooCommerce WPML and work hand in hand, we will have a third element to be able to offer a truly multilingual ecommerce site, and it’s your theme. Indeed, it will be necessary that it is fully compatible with WPML to achieve without difficulty. And guess what, the theme I propose you to discover today is precisely compatible with WPML, making him a true multilingual WooCommerce theme!

But this is very far from these qualities alone. In addition to supporting WPML, this theme allows you for example to be fully responsive to your mobile customers feel just as comfortable as those from a large computer screen, but it is also a general menu managed by Mega Menu, two different graphic versions, support for blog post formats, the use of HTML5 and CSS3, plugin support the Contact Form 7 for the contact part form, color without limits, compatibility between different web browsers increased, dedicated support, a demonstration game to load quickly on hand to take this theme … And so on you.

Feel free to discover more forward this theme WooCommerce for yourself, for it is truly worth it, and you will develop many different ecommerce sites. This theme is part of those I highly recomend for agencies working professionals from WordPress theme on integration because it has enough features to allow you to reuse it in many different projects, which will ensure you master well the advantages and disadvantages of this theme, and thus to always propose feasible gifts to your clients. And the last advantage, not least, is that you’ll be able to reuse many times without that your customers are not able to see that you base your entire work on a single theme WooCommerce .

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